PayPal Casinos have grown immensely in popularity over the last several years due to the immediate payout factor. Any debt is immediately paid, and there is no aggression as there may have originally been in a brick and mortar casino, where cheating abounds more and some players refuse to pay their debts.

Several states have their own websites that open up online gambling to anyone statewide. Each online gambling site has started to use PayPal as their money source for their live games, but this is the very first PayPal casino that is actually owned and operated by PayPal. This means that in these online gambling situations, the money you are winning and transferring comes directly from the source. There is little to no wait time as PayPal connects with the gambling website because, in this case, PayPal is also the gambling website! We do our best to make sure that the money you win is sent immediately into your bank account or onto your bank card.

This is why our own business, PayPal, has decided to add on a new feature to our existing website and transition into PayPal Casino. PayPal will continue to exist as it always has, but there will be even more features available. We have taken the convenience of the online wallet, which is what PayPal is known for, and combined it with the ever-increasing world of online gambling to create the very first online casino through PayPal…known as the PayPal Casino.

Our first priority for our casino is convenience, which is why we created our PayPal Casino website to overlap with our already existing PayPal site. This will make your experience is as pain-free and convenient as possible. Our goal is to use our existing client base through PayPal to promote PayPal Casino, and we will encourage all gamblers, beginners to advanced, to join us at PayPal, create an account, and join us in our new and exciting endeavor. We aim to combine the most convenient way to pay and get paid with the accessibility of online gambling through PayPal and casino partnerships. If you have a PayPal account, you are eligible to play at PayPal Casino, and if you don’t have an account, it is easy to sign up for a PayPal account today! Just visit the PayPal website and click on “Create An Account.” It’s just that simple!

PayPal Casino also does not discriminate against those that have less money than others, which is why we have options for those players that may not have enough money in their accounts to place a bet. PayPal Casino’s option for playing without placing a monetary bet is called the “demo” feature, in which these players are able to play with chips rather than betting money. This is also a wonderful way to practice games you may not know how to play as well, as there is no risk involved with losing money. For these reasons, PayPal Casino is the best way to do online gambling.