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PayPal Casino was founded in 2018 when PayPal creators Marsha and John Smith saw the increasing popularity of online gaming, and the vast majority of online casinos who used our original service, PayPal, to create an easy way for players to send and receive money.But the idea for PayPal Casino was born long before its 2018 premier. After the popularity of online gambling continued to grow, Marsha and John Smith, both avid gamblers themselves, started thinking about the fastest way to get the gamblers’ money into their bank accounts and cut out the middle men. With other online gambling sites, PayPal may be used, but as the middle man to transfer money from one gambler to another. 


This means that there are two possibilities for the site to crash down. If the gambling site goes down, it may be unable to connect to PayPal. This is why we decided to do our best to combine both PayPal as an online wallet with online gambling to create PayPal Casino. Because of their individual loves for gambling, Marsha and John decided to create their very own online casino, using PayPal, their existing website, as their base. Thus, PayPal Casino was born.

Smith family

A little about the Smith family…Marsha Smith grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina near a Cherokee settlement. Her parents were regulars at one of the local casinos and enjoyed many of the games available there. Marsha’s parents taught her several of the games from the casino, including blackjack, roulette, craps, bingo, and poker. Blackjack was Marsha’s fast favorite, and it remains her favorite to this day.

Smith family

John Smith grew up in Tennessee

He was enthralled by the new technology that was coming out in the 1970s and 1980s. He spent hours studying the new computers and how they worked, and eventually went to school for informational technology. While John worked his way through school at Western Carolina University and learned all about computers, he also developed a love of the games at the local casino. His favorite game is craps, and he met Marsha while trying out a game of blackjack.

After John met Marsha, they were quickly married. As his career grew, his love of computers inspired him to start a company that would grow to become the world-renowned and vastly used PayPal. Now, as they are working towards retirement, Marsha and John Smith are combining their hobbies and their careers to create PayPal Casino, the world’s fastest and most convenient online casino.


Our goal here at PayPal Casino is that every gambler has a pleasant and challenging experience. Our first priority for our casino is convenience, which is why we created our PayPal Casino website over top of our already existing PayPal site, so that your experience is as pain-free and convenient as possible. PayPal Casino also seeks to have the largest variety of games available to its players, including games from the old west, such as Faro, and games from every area of the world. We aim to be all-inclusive, adding games that are also popular in countries that are not in the United States.

We strive to make the online gambling experience as pleasant as possible for all parties involved, and connecting the PayPal account to PayPal Casino enables us to make sure that players have enough money in their accounts before they place a bet, enabling us to be sure that everyone involved is able to pay their settlement and get paid what they win. That being said, PayPal Casino does not discriminate against those with less money than others, and there are games that are available to be played without any money exchanged.

Happy Gambling!

Please enjoy your time at PayPal Casino, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns through the “Contact Us” section of our website. Happy Gambling!